The Anointings of LEVITICUS 8 – meanings to a Believer


In Leviticus 8:23-24 are 3 anointings that I believe have significant meanings to a New Covenant believer.


(1) right ear (2) right thumb and (3) right big toe.


I – Right Ear – We hear with the physical ear ( HEB: ozen) but the Lord is more concerned with one’s hearing His voice spiritually. God opens up the ears so man can receive direct godly instructions. See Psa 40:6, 94:9, Prov 20:12. When a person or people do not heed the voice of a prophet or a prophetic message they make themselves spiritually deaf (Jer 5:21 “who have hears but do not hear”) ( Matt 13:15)


It is important to guard the entrance to the ear and what one hears spiritually. This is explained more fully in Romans 10:9-18.


Critical to “hearing the voice of God” is a person being baptized in the Holy Spirit, with tongues and the giftings of the Holy Spirit working in their lives. Just being “saved” is not enough. Without the Baptism of the Holy Spirit a person is extremely limited in understanding the full gospel message of the Word of God and knowing what God expects.


A clear example of this is the failure of most believers to understand the false traditions and customs of men versus the laws of God and His grace, mercy, forgiveness, judgment and favor. The 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit are found in 1 Cor 12.


Ask the Lord to “anoint your ears” with His knowledge, understanding and the wisdom to use that knowledge to His glory and purpose. Guard your ear gate very carefully. What you allow to enter your ears affects your work for the Lord and your focus with God. Having an “anointed” ear means you can easily discern the righteous from the unrighteous. (ie MAL 3:18)


IIRight Thumb – take your right hand, picture your hand without the thumb and ask the question: “How can I grab hold of something and hold on to it without having my thumb?”. God has placed awesome power in the thumbs. In EXO 29:20 the blood is applied as a sacrifice to the thumbs of the hands of Aaron’s sons and we all know and understand the POWER of the Blood.


I have long believed that the thumb represents the power we use in the work we do for the Lord that He calls us to do for Him. God never gives us something to do unless He equips us for the job. Can a person serve God without a right thumb? Of course they can. My point is symbolic about the thumb and its use.


ECCL 9:10(a) Here we are instructed that “whatever our hands find to do that we do it with ALL our might.” We, of course, wait on the Lord for things to do, we seek His guidance, but once we know what to do then we proceed to do it with our full strength. Think how important the thumb is to get full power and strength in the hand.


PROV 19:24 – warns about a sluggish hand and certainly God has little or no respect towards a person who does not serve Him with the whole heart. The principle of hard work is also there. We do not seek work just to have something to do. There is also a firm warning on poverty mentioned in PROV 24:33-34 ( “a little folding of the hands”)


There is much more about the right hand to know. A person is given much honor when they are seated on the right side of a ruler, as Jesus sits on the right hand of the Father. We extend the “right hand of fellowship” to others. There is some indication in history that the thief on the cross to the right side of Jesus was the one who accepted Jesus at that time and went on to Paradise that day. Perhaps now we can see a little better about the importance of the right thumb and why the Lord mentioned it in LEV 8 and other places in the sacrificial matters.


III – Right Big Toe – Make a mental picture of your right foot without the  big or great toe and how difficult it would be to walk and keep your balance without that big toe. Certainly something to thank God for concerning your feet. PSA 40:2 indicates stability as GOD “set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm”.


This big toe has much to do with the balance of the walk you have with the LORD. Anything not of the Lord will tip you “off balance” causing you to stumble and possibly fall to the ground. That BIG toe should represent your having a FIRM FOUNDATION in the truth of GOD, walking uprightly as HE directs you, avoiding those places and activities that might cause you to stumble. What covers your feet affects your physical and spiritual walk. EXO 3 – Moses was told to take off his shoes as he was standing on holy ground and the Lord does not want anything between that holy ground and the flesh of his servant Moses. That goes for us also. Good principle to remember.


I once knew a Baptist pastor who accidentally cut off his right big toe and had the humor to “pickle it in a Mason jar”, a toe which I saw several times back in the 1950s. Years later I wondered if the loss of that big toe was somehow symbolic of his walk with the LORD being incomplete and off balance given his Baptist doctrines and traditions not found in the Word of God. Here again something to think about.


I had a recent vision in black and white showing a large meat cleaver that fell on my right big toe and split the nail in half. I was given a “word” in September of 2006 here at Key Ministries that I needed to come out and be separate from certain things in my life. Following this my toe became infected in December of 2006, the nail split and only recently has the nail and toe begun to heal. As I overcome and draw closer to the Lord the healing continues. I see first hand the importance of the big toe physically and spiritually.


READ LEVITICUS 8 verses 23 & 24.


All these sacrifices are, of course, symbolic, but we should study them, take them seriously, as the Lord has given them to show us it is not just some ceremony but holds deeper spiritual meanings for us in the New Covenant, where the Blood of the sacrificial lamb – Jesus Christ – far exceeds the blood of bulls and goats.


Your right ear – what do you allow to enter into your ear? Truth or mixture or all error. It matters much what you hear.


Your right thumb – what you put your hand to, work, calling of the Lord.


Your right big toe – is your walk with the Lord balanced? Or do you feel unsteady at times. Perhaps your big toe is speaking something to you spiritually.


All three of these physical body parts are vitally important to our walk with the Lord. As you examine the temple of the Holy Spirit – your physical body – think on these 3 body parts. And be blessed as you obey the Word.


Paul Nowlen

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