Jezebel – What Is A Jezebel – Is There A Jezebel In Your Life


(CREDITS) Basic information for this article about Jezebel was obtained from the writings of several Christian authors including Stephen Bell (The KEY Ministries), Derek Prince, Frank Hammond (The Children’s Bread Ministries), Gordon Powlison, Gene Moody (Deliverance Minister), Bill Banks (Impact Christian Books) and my personal ministry and experiences. All Bible references from NASB.


There is a powerful and controlling spirit known as Jezebel. A woman named Jezebel ruled with Ahab in Israel and in the church of Thyatira (REV 2:20-23).

Her “works” are manifold and found worldwide in every aspect of society. She is everywhere and out of control today. Anyone can overcome her by changing their thinking about her, getting into godly order, repenting of being under her influence and participating in the God-ordained ministry of Deliverance that Jesus practiced in His ministry, to get free of her demonic influences and control.


GEN 2:18 – God set up His plan of leadership and ruler ship with the woman to be a helper to the man, who was to leave his father and mother, being joined to his wife in a UNITY of flesh, thus God would have fellowship with mankind. But Satan had no pleasure in this godly plan and sought to change it, add to it, pervert it so as to usurp God’s plan. Disobedience came and the rest is history. Another story arises with the advent of the mother-child event put forth by Satan. The “Jezebel spirit” is all through the mother-child religions, involving the worship of idols, prostitution, hiddeness (“mystery religion”), pride, witchcraft, reigns of terror (Ahab-Jezebel) and merchandising (REV 18:9-20).


Some meanings of the name “Jezebel” are: chaste, not dwelling, intact, untouchable, unproductive, non-cohabiting, without husband, virgin, adulterous, base and licentious. She is described in ISA 47, REV 18, PROV 5 and 7 and EZE 18. She is recognized as a powerful member of the “Queen of Heaven” family. She is whore-like and untouchable for she refuses to receive the “seed” or Word of the Kingdom when ministered through the “husband” ministries of EPH 4:11.


God holds the man responsible for what happens in the family and other areas of ruler ship. When a man gives up his God-given authority to a woman there is nothing to follow but trouble. As a pastor the man must be on guard for Jezebel women in the congregation who will manipulate him and “advise” him on how the church should be run. This is a serious problem of witchcraft at work. Jezebel will use the tools of manipulation, intimidation and domination against men. In churches today you can find fortune-telling, bingo and a host of other activities that have no place in a house of worship. Here is Jezebel at work, trying to overthrow the worship of God.


A number of life-situations occur in which the spirit of Jezebel begins to manifest. A major situation starts when a man abdicates his god-given headship as priest and king in the family. When this happens the woman often feels it is her duty to step in and take over, and more so when a woman is more skilled or intelligent that the man. She begins to dominate and fill the man’s role and he begins to lose self-respect and becomes inadequate in his own eyes.


King Ahab and Queen Jezebel set the prime example. Women step in because of fear and desperation and abandon their trust in the Heavenly Father (see II TIM 1:7). This fear is a major door for demonic oppression to begin. Then the children suffer as the mother sets herself up as a “queen”. She begins to hide them from the father’s corrections, demands inordinate affection and devotion from them and erodes the family structure. This breeds nothing but confusion and disorder and will bring judgment on the family. The woman is eventually drained of her natural strength and health. Being “out of order” will destroy her.


Here are some examples of how Jezebel works

-        she is disobedient to God, in the wrong order in the family

-        may condone sin, tolerate it, use this as a control tool

-        likes to play the role of God, control the family

-        “ends” justify the “means” – takes away husband’s authority

-        tells her husband what to do and when to do it

-        rebukes her husband, contradicts him in public. Belittles him.

-        Nags her husband to “get her way”

-        Treats her husband like a child

-        Desires to be a mother rather than a wife

-        Engages in “bedroom blackmail” use of sex

-        Deaf to his problems and concerns

-        Pushes her husband to “better himself” rather than encourage him

-        He never is good enough in what he does, demands more of him

-        Her tongue castrates males, makes women feel worthless

-        Not able to display natural affection

-        Sees parenthood as an opportunity to control and be dominate

-        Uses the ploy “IF you really loved me you would do thus and so ……”

-        Tries to keep her children dependent on her long after they leave home

-        Asks questions that are none of her business as she tries to rule things

-        Overly concerned about being “fashion conscious”, her “self-image” rules

-        May gain weight to add to her appearance of “authority”

-        Handles family finances, car, house, everything “belongs to her only”

-        Some operate as “little sweet things, helpless dove”

-        Manipulate by having a “false sickness”, weeping, anger or silence

-        Driven to lead by domination, not by meekness and wisdom. Beguiling

-        Always needs more than her husband is providing. She goes to work

-        Cannot delegate authority. Tells others what to do but hinders, interferes

-        Points out incompetence and clumsiness in other people, she is perfect

-        May get herself into stressful situations by trying to do things she likes

-        A Jezebelic woman becomes the spiritual head of the family and some become leaders in churches with their soulish prophecies, counterfeit gifts, mind control and false doctrines. Many enter the ministry and begin to teach men and rule over them. God forbids this. Many work behind the scenes to control. ISA 47:10 – “You felt secure in your wickedness. ‘No one sees me,’ you said.”


The importance of God’s order in all relationships is the key to peace and lack of confusion. Godly order is like a protective shield which deflects the fiery darts of Satan. Without this barrier the spirit of death comes in. Authority from God is clear and simple: Authority of Christ is God; the authority of man is Christ; the authority of woman is man. A woman who finds herself in a Jezebelic situation simply must let go of the control, submit to God alone and get in godly order.


Every situation, however traumatic or painful or seemingly having no solution, does have an answer. God provides deliverance to those who seek it. The flesh may have to suffer and go through some painful changes but the peace of the fruits of righteousness is the reward (HEB 12:11).


How to get free of the Jezebel controlling spirits and be delivered

-        admission – be willing to admit a wrong attitude toward authority

-        admit rebellion towards God’s Word

-        what is the source of the problem? Ask help from the Holy Spirit

-        confession – seek out godly counsel. Admit you have been wrong

-        repent and renounce – your part in witchcraft and domination. Stop the activities of control over your husband, children or others

-        break ungodly “Soul Ties” ( unhealthy relationships )

-        seek ministry of deliverance from unclean spirits in you

-        submit your will to the authority God has placed in your life and break old habits. Submit to your husband, heed counsel of church elders, submit to your employer, obey the government, follow counsel of the Holy Spirit

-        change your life-style. Study the life of Sarah in the scriptures


Remember this: No one can be controlled unless they allow themselves to be controlled. The choice is yours. There are “controllers” at work in your life. Recognize them. If you allow another person to control or manipulate you then your life is a form of idolatry. Break the control now. Follow Jesus Christ and His Word.