·        Insights on Causes of Disease

Published on: Feb. 20, 2009

By Stephen Bell

We assume every physical illness—including trauma, infection, inflammation, tumors, irritation, allergy, paralysis, atrophy, etc.—is a result of some SPIRITUAL reality. The natural realm—the realm of sight—is always parallel to, and results from, some spiritual activity. The physical manifestation is just the fruit of some spiritual root.

Possible roots include:
Unrepented and unconfessed sin
Generational (blood line) sins, curses, diseases,
Familiar Spirits, genetic weaknesses
Curses, including medical diagnosis and test results
Drugs, especially those called “medications”
Not discerning the Body
Calling illness “good”, a way to get attention,
sympathy, etc.
Blood infusions, organ transplants


Sometimes it’s helpful to consider the part of the body involved, and to think about what Scripture says about that specific part of the body. There is almost always a correlation between the physical body and its infirmity, and the spiritual, soulish or symbolic meaning attached to that body part. These organs, sites, tissues or structures are locations for demons or illnesses which relate to their function.
For example, the FEET are symbolic of faith (Joshua was given any place his feet trod); ankles involve putting faith into action (lame man in Acts 3); and our “walk” symbolizes our GROWTH in the faith. (NOTES: The healed don’t simply walk, they leap or run. Feet should be shod with gospel, not run swiftly
to mischief. Fee on the mountain singular in OT for Jesus, plural in NT for body. Clearest example about healing is Asa, 2 Chronicles 16, lame in feet, went to physicians, died. Katharine says Oral Roberts has spirit of Asa; takes “feet generation” - last part of Jesus’ body to touch earth - to doctors. Therefore we can figure OR is “lame on both his feet”.)

With hands, primary instrument of worship. Spoken word is creative - life and death in its power. Praise should continually be in mouth, Psalm 34. TONGUE runs things -the rudder, bridle, fire of James. Under tongue may be poison; lying spirits (Prophets of Ahab). Zechariah stricken dumb because of unbelief about John the Baptist’s birth. This is one of the gates to our being. Word “profane” means bringing something unclean across the temple threshold.

Submission vs. stubborness - stiff-necked generation. Seat of rebellion or yielding, taking the yoke. We put on Jesus’ yoke, refuse to be yoked with unbelievers. Also affected by control spirits; and neck tension can cause headache.

Connected with strength (Nazarite vow) and with rebellion. Length of hair speaks of rebellion and of shame, for both men and women. Baldness is connected both with mourning and with degradation.

Opening to the soul; another one of the gates, especially for LIGHT. Eyelids allow closing this gate - we can’t close the ears. Bitter, hurt people often close off, expression becomes hard and set. Eyes are indicators of the emotions; joy (twinkling), sorrow (tears), fear (enlargement of pupil), anger and rage (flashing), peace (clear and steady), grief (“running down”, being “consumed”). If eye is evil, we’re dark inside. God wants a single eye, without motes and beams. His Beloved has Dove’s eye.

1. Eyes: natural and spiritual vision 2. Ears; same, natural and spiritual hearing; 3. Skin: especially hands - feeling, touch, pressure, pain; a border which is not to be breached by cutting, injecting, etc. 4. Mouth: especially tongue -taste, experiencing (taste and see that the Lord is good) and pleasure, and also consuming (eat the various things; milk, meat, asses’ heads and doves’ dung, meat ye know not of, etc; sweet in mouth, bitter in belly), 5. Nose: smelling aromas in the natural and discernment of spirits in the spirit.

lungs, chest: seat of pneuma - wind, breath, spirit. Site of many demons, those who come out via yawning, screaming, coughing, etc. (Demons who occupy the flesh come out with vomiting, gagging, spitting, etc. Their exit is affected by the part of our being they’ve inhabited.) Lungs function to breathe in life-giving air, breathe out poison.

Soul life. Contains every facet of soul -intellect, memory, emotions, will. An out flowing of blood may be sacrifice spirit, may reflect loss of soul power in whatever part is bleeding. Frequently indicates attack from spirit of death. One wide open door for infirmity is taking blood or blood components; you receive into your being every facet of some other person’s soul; his will, emotions, demons, etc. No immunity or walls built vs. “strangers within.” Forbidden OT and NT, God hates it. (NOTE: organ transplants, same danger and effects as with blood, plus all the components of stranger’s FLESH. Uncrucified, unregenerate flesh which probably died violently. Again, enemy is WITHIN the gates.) Taking in the life-components of another person sets up civil war; recipient’s body rejecting incompatible blood or strange flesh, and drugs are used to destroy body’s defense against invasion. You receive all of Donor’s soul and flesh life, become one with him, a house divided against itself, and a mixture. (NOTE: American males have high estrogen levels because of drug-treated beef- female hormones are given to steers to increase tenderness of meat. If the animal is aware of its death, the fear and pain can produce stress hormones which flood the tissue and can survive through the cooking process to affect the consumer.)

Marrow is the beginning of life of the blood -red cells born within the bone. Bone represents the spirit part of us, the substructure of life, the support and configurations of the being. Conditions: broken (not done to Jesus); out of joint (done to Jesus, Jacob became Israel after thigh dislocated); site of Jeremiah’s “fire” to prophesy; sign of kinship (bone of his bone); last remaining part of natural body, (bones of Elisha healed, bones of Joseph moved from Egypt, etc.) Dead mens bones within whited sepulchres. Man seated on throne in heaven is flesh and bone, no blood.

Relationships, people fitting together (meaning of word “articulation”), and a flow of supply. Every joint should supply, and this is hindered by wrong relationships. We should join together spirit to spirit (bone to bone) not in the flesh or soul. (NOTE: there is enough provision for the entire body, and nobody would lack anything if the joints were rightly aligned and supplying - and receiving - properly).

seat of the appetites, of digestion. The abdominal cavity as a whole contains “the belly”, the god of the belly, the bowels and the other organs of digestion. There is some connection to the emotions; mercy, physical love (Song of Solomon), living water flows out. That which tastes sweet in the mouth can be bitter in the belly. Also the weird thing Paul said about the Cretans being “slow bellies” — what does that mean?

Reins of the heart, the seat of choice. Also concerned with elimination of poison. Male penis is the “fountain” - literally “hole” — of James 3, which can produce sweet and bitter water - that is, life-producing semen, or urine which is full of poison. Both in natural and spiritual, can’t produce both at the same time.

Involved with metabolism of carbohydrates, clotting of blood. With heart, kidneys and brain, organ most frequent used for cannibalism (and today for organ transplants, which is modern cannibalism).

countenance, turns toward or away from the Beloved, from light. Expressive of disposition within. Is set like a flint with firm purpose, in the direction one has chosen.

Reservoir of bile, very bitter digestive juice. Site of bitterness, bitter roots. Common Bile Duct may contain stones. Malfunction causes problems in digestion of fat, with cramping, severe pain. Typical patient for gall bladder surgery: female, fair, fat, forty.

Nourishment of young, site of outpouring of kindness, nurture, the flow of life to another. Compassion called (MILK of human kindness”.

Work, ministry, organ to impart and stir up
gifts, healing, etc. “Laying on” hands opens a channel to pass along whatever is inside that person. Hands should be clean, holy, should not shed innocent blood. Also hands are instruments of praise and worship. Elijah saw cloud; Gideon’s men drank from hands or lapped (a separation); and would there demonstrate the Christ nature. Hands write, make ware, bare wounds.

Specific ministries 5-fold aligned with 5 fingers. God wrote 10 commandments and ? cast out demons with His finger; Jesus wrote in the dust - it’s “the part of the hand which wrote” per Daniel. Nails are protection.
SHOULDER: Government, burdens, responsibility, masculine function. (Today women pad their shoulders to become more manly, to assume their role.) To pull away the shoulder means resist.

Punishment - stripes of Jesus - (Pro. 26:3, Is. 50:6, Ps. 129:3), also burdens, where long furrows prepare the way for planting the word. God showed Moses His glory by His back. Can mean rejection of light, turning back, backsliding. The back represents the foundation of a man, and problems here usually mean God is dealing with one's foundation.

Cental core of the being, most important organ. It spreads the blood, mixes it with air, eliminates toxins, carries food. It should be guarded with all diligence, for it contains the issues of life. It has desires, intents; can be hard, soft, flesh, stone, can become sick from deferred hope, fails for fear. Connected with emotions. Seat of what comes out of mouth.

Intellect, knowledge, wisdom, understanding. Place all sensory input is received and processes. (Light through the eyes is processed here, either rejected or accepted. Likewise sound, scent, taste, touch.) Also control of the body and its functions. Central and autonomic nervous systems, under conscious or subconscious control. CNS primarily forebrain -interpreting input. ANS primarily spinal column, brain stem and cerebellum - controls heart rate, digestion, temperature, blood pressure, release of hormones and enzymes, etc., etc. Born carnal, enmity with God, is either renewed leading to our transformation, or it’s darkened, leading to reprobate mind. Site of strongholds based in deception. One of several organs which must be in agreement with God by our WILLS aligning with His. World says it’s controlled by - functions by - chemicals and electricity.

Location of organs of reproduction. Male begetting, female bearing and birthing. All aligned with spiritual parallel. Adam’s “rib” which was removed to create Eve was literally “chamber” - the womb. “Woman” means “Womb-man, that is; man with a womb”. The whole human race is female to God’s male role; the church is Jesus’ bride, His womb. Gender confusion and all the unisex movements are an assault on this fact. The press for women’s rights, for equality, liberation and such, the same-with-same activities (Homosexuality, humanism, peer-pressure etc.) all try to deny God-ordained distinctions between male and female. (NOTE: in three contrasts; male/female, man/woman, husband/wife, only WIFE is told to submit. There is scripturally no subservient role for “women” or “females”; actually there’s no distinction at all in Christ.)


One of the first steps in trusting God ALONE as healer is to forget a lot of what the world teaches about the cause of illnesses. We must realize that the true causes for diseases are totally at variance with natural, carnal intelligence. These causes originate within the spirit realm and represent the root from which the “bitter fruit” of illness springs. (The Sandfords say unequivocally; “The presence of bitter fruit is prima facia evidence of a bitter root”.) If we can discover the root and lay the axe to it, the fruit withers and dies. In practice, this means that death to the root will cause the illness or disease to simply vanish.

The following is a TINY sampling of the illnesses which are specifically mentioned in the Bible, either by etiology or treatment. In addition, I mention others which have only anecdotal evidence, but enough of that to convince ME, at least, of the truth about it.

Job 7:3. Sleep disorders leading to futility and despair. One frequent cause; anesthesia. Drugs which induce anesthesia leave a residue of sleep disorders, and also a demon.
Blindness from following blind leaders, no growth God (2 Peter 1:5-9). From rejecting light, from worshipping an idol; they’re blind and we become like what we worship. (Lam. 4:13-15). Results of these roots: cataracts, glaucoma, detached retina.

Warts from witchcraft, active and deliberate but not necessarily with full knowledge. Requires repentance and cleansing.
Plagues, epidemics, communicable diseases from no fear of God. (Deut. 28:58-61). This can be visited on children of parents who don’t listen to God.

Gluttony, alcoholism from rebellion, stubbornness. (Deut. 21:18-21). Refusal to yield to proper authority, which is rebellion, produces bondage to unlawful authority, an addiction. (From Latin ADDICUS, meaning “slave”). Stubbornness makes getting healed even harder.
Castration and transsexual surgery produce “not in congregation” (Deut. 23:1) and manifests in isolation or possible mental illness.

Adultery can result in menstrual disorders; irregular periods, painful periods, endometriosis. Can cause bowel cancer.
Diarrhea from cursing others, showing no mercy. (May be deliverance also).

Arthritis comes from unforgiveness which is producing resentment and bitterness toward others, usually long-standing, deep, within close relationships. Often family. Healing requires repentance, forgiveness and RELEASE OF DEBTS, that is old un-met needs and past offences.

Psalm 31:10 - TB of the bone and Cancer of the bone from grief, depression, fear. Other bone diseases (“rottenness to the bone”) from an unfaithful wife (Pro. 12:4) or envy (Pro. 14:30).

Heart diseases stem from stress (Ps. 73:21, 26) heart
failure from fear (Luke 21:26.)

Leaven - yeast in a state of fermentation - is a symbol of a hidden, pervasive influence. Forbidden in the natural in OT, warned against in NT in the spirit (Leaven of Pharisees, Saducees, Herod, Corinthians, Galatians) and both apply today. Natural: abominations in the homes (Deut. 7:26). Spiritual: religious externalism, unbelief in the supernatural, worldliness, compromise, infectious sin, false doctrine. Both natural and spiritual can produce vaginal yeast infections, fungal infections of the skin (Athletes’ Foot), certain scalp conditions, earaches in children.

Disobedience and self-effort (Humanism) cause “Diseases of Egypt” (Deut. 28). Always a potential root - these people are not under the covenant of healing.

Hemorrhoids are a judgment from God because of defiling and abusing the things of God. (I Samuel 5:6) “Things of God” include the person’s own body.

Breast infection, inflammation; some clogging up of ministry or of spiritual activity. Example; refusing HS Baptism, refusing to answer a call of God on your life, staying in a dead church. Can be active resistance of the person, or someone else hindering the person’s ministry.

Harlotry or the spirit of harlotry causes venereal diseases, cancer of female organs. This doesn’t need to be literal, physical harlotry.

Kidney problems can come from envy of men (Ps. 73:21), or offence at God (Job 16:13).

Idolatry and lawlessness cause Cancer of the bowel (2 Chron 20:12-15, 18-19).

Eye problems from grief and sorrow (Ps. 31:9, Job 17:5) and eye problems in children from parents who flatter (Job 17:5).

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