Curses on Finances - what they are - how to break them

Evidence shows that the way people have handled money in the past can put curses on the finances of present and future generations. If you think this is possible, even after obeying all that God has asked you to do, you may have a CURSE against your finances that does not allow you to have the provision that God wants you to have. Check these examples and make certain that you are not involved in any way or doing any or all of these things.

People in your family line may have done some of these things creating a “generational curse”. After you send all evil to the feet of Jesus, to be assigned where He sends it,  you then break the curses and renounce evil acquisition, views and spending of money in your family lines, in the name of Jesus Christ.

A sample prayer

In the name of JESUS I command all evil spirits that have come against me from my family line to leave and go to the feet of Jesus, to be assigned where He sends them to go. I repent for all the evil that has cursed finances in my family line and in my life. I repent for, and renounce all:

Exchange of funds done in ungodly ways

Money spent on prostitutes

Those who did not feely give (break the devourer)

Greed and Stinginess

Those that did not care for the poor

Those who oppressed the poor

Leaders who unjustly taxed the poor

Freemasons-who heaped curses on descendants after they became Christians

Vows of poverty that were broken (i.e Monks, priests) This would curse future generations

Ungodly Usury – PSA 15:5, EXO 22:25Charging interest on loans of money

Ungodly ways of gaining money

Those who stole

Drug Trafficking

Those who trust “self-effort” rather than God

Bribes against the innocent  PSA 15:5

Mercenary Acts

Gambling ( Lottery, Poker, etc )

Worshipping & “love of money”  1 TIM 6:10

Trusted in money rather than trusting God

Leprechaun Spirits (trickery, false promises )

Those who helped the KKK in any way

Unpaid Wages (ie: day laborers)  JAMES 5:4

Shed innocent blood / wandering  GEN 4:12

Witchcraft Curses against finances

All curses of bankruptcy

Ungodly agreements with the enemy to obtain finances

Those who sold their souls to gain finances

Some “Rock” musicians have done this

Those who did not serve the LORD our God joyfully and gladly in time of prosperity, not remembering the gracious provision of God ( Yahweh Jireh )


Those who sold Christian relics for money

Those who commit adultery  PROV 5:10

Hidden Curses on actual money given to you

Giving to ministries not ordained by God

Kickbacks, Money obtained “under the table”, bribes, payoffs, skimming